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Safer, Easier & More Fun

If you are looking for a cheap backyard playset that will only last a year, then you are on the wrong site. If you are looking to give your kids the coolest, safest, best looking, and easiest to maintain playset on the market then keep reading. If you’re in California, Arizona, Utah, or anywhere else in the world, these luxury playgrounds are the funnest things to have in your backyard and will be shipped right to your door. They come with built-in water systems to keep it cool in the summer and are made from premium vinyl products.

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Why Vinyl?
Our premium vinyl playgrounds withstand heat and all the elements that can be played on all year round, and will last for years.

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No maintenance. The best and only playset you will ever need!

Our backyard vinyl swing sets are engineered to be more enjoyable for kids and in turn, the parents. The vinyl layer is built to withstand all weather conditions, including the summer sun. (That means no maintenance for you.) It remains cool to the touch, even on the hottest days. Don’t believe us? Click below.

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Quality with Service to Match

Awarded best in Home and Garden Products in Gilbert, AZ 2018. Thank you to all of our awesome customers!

In addition to revolutionary safety, fun and value, Ruffhouse Vinyl Play Systems LLC is dedicated to providing the best and most professional customer service in the swing set business.

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Our playset has been life-changing for our family! Our two teenagers are out there just as much as the little ones, playing all sorts of games with them on it! It has literally brought so much laughter and bonding and happiness to our kids and it’s a miracle for us to watch such interactions take place several times a week and all because of an amazing playground set! Basically, we could not be happier with any purchase we’ve ever made. Ever.


We LOVE our playset! Our kids have SOOO much fun!!

Jacy B.

The vinyl doesn’t get hot, even in 120+ degree weather even without the mist turned on. With the mist system, the kids can stay cool in the summers and also turns the slide into a water-slide which they love! If you’re looking for a play system that your kids can enjoy for their whole childhood, Ruffhouse is your best option.

James B.

Our daughter is obsessed with her “ruff house,” as she calls it! She has been on it everyday since install