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Will My Playset Burn My Kid?

By May 29, 2019No Comments

Summer is here! This means that the kids will be home a whole lot more. So fun, right? Unfortunately, many parents shy away from allowing their children to play on playgrounds or other play systems during the summer because they just might burn in the hot sun, touching the wood or metal on playsets.

This concern of parents is totally valid. Wood can heat up more than 30 degrees Fahrenheit above the outside temperature in the sun (not to mention the accompanying slivers). Metal is even worse in the sun, heating up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit above the outside temperature. And when you’re dealing with already hot summer temperatures, wood and metal can both result in some pretty painful burns for those little people you love.

At Ruffhouse Vinyl Play Systems, child safety is our top priority. That’s why we build all of our playsets out of high quality, durable vinyl that will last for years in the sun and remain cool to the touch, no matter what time of year, even when summer temperatures surpass 100 degrees Fahrenheit. You can send your children out to play all throughout the year without having to worry about them coming back in with burns (at least from the play equipment…you’ll still want to remember that sunscreen!).

In addition to the already-cool vinyl material, our play systems also come with built in water systems, which will allow your kids to stay even cooler (and more entertained) while playing outside during the hot weather.  Misters, water cannons, water slides…the fun never has to stop!

Are you ready to have a playset in your yard that will be safe no matter the time of year? Start building your custom playset today or get more information by calling us today at 480-696-5220. Here’s to the funnest, coolest, burn-free summer your kids have ever had!

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