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Why Our Backyard playsets Are Perfect for Utah

By October 23, 2019No Comments

Utah experiences a wide variety of weather and temperatures throughout the year—from cold, wet, and snowy during the winter to hot and dry in the summer. So, when it comes to putting a swing set in your yard, we know that you’re going to want something that will hold up through all seasons as well as look amazing. That is why Ruffhouse Vinyl Play Systems are perfect for you Utah!  

Because we originally created our playsets in Arizona, we knew that we had to create a product that withstands intense weather. We partnered with one of the biggest and oldest vinyl fencing companies in Arizona, Homestead Vinyl Fence so that we could design and build playsets out of the highest quality vinyl. As a result, our play systems hold up in any type of climate and:

  • Won’t get damaged or rust from getting wet.
  • Will stay cool even on the hottest of days (That’s right. Even when temps are over 100℉…and they come with a built-in water system which is an added bonus!).
  • Endure all types of weather, including snow during the winter.

How Does the Shipping Process Work?

You can expect the shipping process to be fairly straightforward and simple: 

  1. After you complete your Ruffhouse playset order, the building of your playset should be done within a few weeks.
  2. Once the playset your finished, you will be informed that it’s being shipped and receive a tracking number.
  3. When your play system arrives, it will be delivered on a pallet. 
  4. If needed, we can help you find a local playset installer. 
  5. You can then coordinate with that installer to set up an installation time. 
  6. Enjoy the new addition to your yard and watch your kids have endless hours of fun!

Ready to start building your Ruffhouse Vinyl Play System? Start building it here!

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