Vinyl Swing Set Vs. Wood Swing Set

View PlaysetsWhy Vinyl?

Endless Fun

Our vinyl is engineered to last the elements. From Arizona summers to New York snow!

Reinforced Construction

Built to last with reinforced galvanized steel and wood to out last the elements

Water Features

Water cannons and misters are built in to keep the kids playing all year long

No Exposed Metal

Our playsets have no exposed bolts and all of it is smooth to the touch

Safety Features

  • No slivers
  • Stays cool to the touch in the sun
  • No harmful stains or chemicals
  • No cuts or burns from exposed metal bolts or brackets
  • Nothing sharp or dangerous
  • Gets hot to the touch in the sun
  • Splits and cracks causing splinters
  • Harmful chemicals from stains and wood treatment
  • Has exposed metal bolts and brackets

Structural Features

  • Extremely strong and durable with a lifetime warranty
  • Heavy gauge galvanized steel and wood inserts
  • Structural support from multiple layers of material
  • Subject to cracking and decaying from weather and water damage
  • Only supported from wood
  • Not always strong enough for adult play


  • No painting, staining, or sanding needed
  • No need to replace water or weather damaged parts
  • Heavy maintenance
  • Lag bolts need to be tightened every few months and need sanding at least every six months
  • Cracked wood will need to be replaced from weather damage

Hardware & Structural Engineering

  • Revolutionary Route-in technology allows for All platform rails, side panels, and pickets to be routed into the post and screwed together, providing for extra strength and durability
  • All wood playset companies use metal brackets and/or exposed bolts and screws to hold the playset together

Built-in Water System

  • Choice of built-in cannons and guns shooting up to 40ft
  • Customizable, built in mist system to add as much mist as you want
  • None