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Suggested Maintenance

Regular Inspection

Your play equipment should be inspected on a regular basis. Check all nuts and bolts twice monthly during the usage season for tightness. Tighten as required. It is particularly important to check & tighten bolts at the beginning of each season.

Check swings, chains, and slides for cracks or deterioration. Replacement should be made at first sign of deterioration.

If any of the following conditions are noted, they should be removed, corrected or repaired immediately to prevent injuries.

  • Hardware that is loose or worn, or that has protrusions or projections;
  • Scattered debris, litter, rocks, or tree roots within the play area;
  • Rust and chipped paint on metal components
  • Cracks, edges of the vinyl materials.
  • Missing or damaged equipment and or components, such as hardware, handholds, panel slats, etc.