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Shipping/Delivery Information

General Shipping Information

Most small accessories will ship via UPS; however, many of the products available on this website are delivered via a freight carrier (swing sets, playhouses, some playset add-ons). When the shipment arrives at the freight terminal near your location, you will be contacted by the carrier to arrange a delivery appointment. While the carrier may allow some flexibility in appointment times, lengthy delays in appointments may result in storage fees. Ruffhouse Vinyl Play Systems is not responsible for such fees.


The customer is responsible for offloading the Play System’s parts and equipment from the delivery truck; the shipping company will not assist in offloading the materials. The playsets are shipped in a crated pallet (as shown in the video below), that will need to be opened. It is recommended to have a hammer available to open the crate and offload the pieces.

The Play System contains parts that are extremely heavy and that are unusual in size and dimension.

Customer should have at least two able-bodied individuals ready to offload the Play System from the delivery truck.

Persons with the following conditions should not assist in offloading parts or equipment:

  • heart conditions; 
  • pregnant women; 
  • head, back, or neck ailments, or prior surgeries to those areas of the body; and 
  • mental or physical conditions that may make them susceptible to injury or impair their physical dexterity or mental capabilities to recognize, understand, and perform all the safety instructions and to be able to assume the hazards inherent in unit use.

If you are unable to have at least two able bodied individuals ready to offload the shipment, we suggest retaining the services of professional play set installers or other individuals qualified to offload the Play System. 

Play Systems are shipped in pallets like the one appearing in the image below. Pallets are made to be broken down by hand or you can use your own forklift. 

(Image of what a typical playset pallet will look like.)

This service does not include set up or assembly of items or removal of packaging materials. Additional shipping charges may apply for remote areas or extraordinary delivery requirements including, but not limited to, low power lines, narrow lanes, tractor trailer restrictions, etc. The customer will be responsible for the contents after the delivery. Freight services are prepaid, and no additional charges should be presented to you at the time of delivery. Merchandise is shipped F.O.B. shipping point. 

Customer may request additional services of the carrier (address change) when the carrier contacts you for a delivery appointment. These services may involve additional charges, and are not the responsibility of Ruffhouse Vinyl Play Systems.

Damage or Missing Parts

Thoroughly inspect the merchandise for any damages that may have occurred during transport. ANY damages that are discovered must be notated on the bill of lading/delivery receipt that you sign. We also recommend photographing any instances of damage you find. Have the driver initial any damage report and be sure to obtain a copy of this delivery document. Failure to document any transportation related damage may result in delays or even the inability for us to send you replacement parts. Damages and shortages are rare but do occur and must be noted in order to place a claim with the carrier. Customer must notify us of any damage within 48 hours of delivery. The customer is responsible for any damage caused during unloading.  The shipper is not responsible for any damages occurring after the delivery truck arrives at the customer’s property.

Additional Delivery Information

Ruffhouse Vinyl Play Systems is not responsible for deliveries that are misdirected due to an incorrect shipping address, including any fees incurred from misdirected deliveries. If a shipment cannot be delivered successfully as a result of invalid shipping address, or if no one is available to accept/sign for the delivery after an extended period of time, the carrier may need to return the shipment to our warehouse. If this should occur, after a reasonable attempt has been made to make these arrangements with the recipient, a refund for the purchase will be provided, minus any shipping fees incurred by RuffHouse Vinyl Play Systems.

While Ruffhouse Vinyl Play Systems works closely with its carriers to assure timely shipment of your order, delivery times are NOT guaranteed, and various factors can impact the carrier’s ability to deliver within the expected time frame. These factors include:

  • Your location in relation to our warehouse;
  • The carrier’s equipment;
  • Holidays;
  • Weather;
  • Other unforeseen events that may delay shipping times

Orders that are refused at time of delivery will not be accepted as a return.  If a shipment is refused or the customer does not make themselves available to offload the product the shipment will be returned to RuffHouse. If for any reason you feel that a shipment is not acceptable, call us immediately at (480) 351-0033 and leave a detailed message. In cases of damaged merchandise, shipping charges may be waived if a damage claim against the shipping carrier is successful.