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Launch Sale!

The Watchtower

Original price was: $6,000.00.Current price is: $5,450.00.

The Watchtower is a 2.5 tower playset with our premium vinyl exterior and solid wood interior. It features a 3 position swing beam, two rock wall/ladders, our spiral tube slide, our signature vinyl ramp slide, and super fun wave slide! It has a 5′ high deck connected to a 4′ high deck, an additional 4′ deck, and two of our 10′ high roof! Made with the highest quality vinyl which means it does not get hot in the sun, zero maintenance in any climate, long-lasting. It is an incredible investment in years of fun!

Made in the USA!

Budget-Friendly Fun

Ruffhouse Quality at Affordable Prices!

In the Endless Summer Line, you'll discover playsets that retain all the beloved features of our premium range – from the adventurous climbing walls and thrilling slides to the imaginative play areas. Each piece is carefully crafted to offer maximum play value while being mindful of your financial considerations. These budget-friendly versions are built with the same commitment to safety and durability that RuffHouse is known for, ensuring years of playful memories for your family

Why is Vinyl the Best?

  • Always Cool

    Our vinyl deters all sunlight, keeping it completely cool all year round. (Yes even in 100+ degree weather.)

  • Weather Proof

    Vinyl withstands water, leaving your playset rust and damage free. Sprinklers, irrigation, rain, no problem!


Budget vs Premium

What’s the difference between our playset lines?

The Watchtower


The Palace


Premium Vinyl


Long Lasting

Zero Maintenance

Hand Made In the USA



Platform Height



Beam Interior


Quick Shipping

Water System Add-on