The Fortress – Backyard Swing Set

$13,200.00 $11,995.00

The Fortress is the ULTIMATE backyard swing set designed to keep the kids playing and the neighbors jealous! With multiple towers, slides, and climbers it is the end all, of backyard fun!!


  • Two 7ft Towers
  • Half Tower
  • Two Vinyl Roof
  • Bridge w/Swing Beam with 3 Swings
  • Vinyl Ladder
  • Rock Wall
  • Rope Ladder
  • Metal Tree Climber
  • 14′ Super Scoop Slide
  • Wide Vinyl Slide
  • Bridge w/Swing Beam with 3 Swings
  • Super Tube Slide
  • Optional – Picnic Table

The measurements are showing the dimensions of the playset. It is recommended that you include a 6ft fall zone perimeter around each side of the playset when measuring your space.