The Cottage – Backyard Swing Set

Original price was: $10,000.00.Current price is: $8,795.00.

Our modern cottage design is as fun to look at, as it is to play on! With a built in door, windows, light, and lemonade stand, there are so many fun ways to play on this cute design,


  • Two 7ft Towers
  • Vinyl Roof
  • Swing Beam with 3 Swings
  • Rock Wall
  • 14′ Super Scoop Slide
  • Tower Playhouse
  • Under Tower Playhouse w/Lemonade Stand
  • Optional – Super Tube Slide
  • Optional – Picnic Table

Please select from the configuration order below. The measurements are showing the dimensions of the playset. It is recommended that you include a 6ft fall zone perimeter around each side of the playset when measuring your space.

Start Building!

White Vinyl/Blue Accents White Vinyl/Green Accents White Vinyl/Grey Slide(s) (green swings) +$200.00
CO1 CO2 +$205.00 CO3 +$985.00
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I get my playset installed?
A: Yes! We work with a network of installers around most of the United States to assist in the installation process.

Q: How long does the playset take to get to my door?
A: Most playsets are shipped out within 30-45 days unless anything is custom. As soon as your order is placed, a rep will contact you to finalize the delivery details.