17ft x 10ft Capital C-Sport In-Ground Trampoline Kit



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Ultimate bounce on an epic scale! The 17ft x 10ft C-Sport Rectangular In-ground Trampoline Kit is our only double vented in ground trampoline – double the airflow – maximum fun!

  • A complete kit – This in-ground trampoline kit comes with the trampoline with Vented Professional Grade Jump Mat and TDU Vented Safety Pads, purpose built retaining wall (which stops the soil falling back into the hole) and clear instructions.
  • Quality bounce – Our In-ground Trampolines have an excellent bounce. We only use high quality commercial grade springs
  • Great fun – Owning a trampoline is a sure way to get the kids outside and away from those screens!
  • Innovative technology – Capital Play is the only licensed authorized manufacturer allowed to use Trampolines Down Under’s patented vented pad technology – all the air escapes through the padding, ensuring a brilliant bounce and eliminating pad slap noise.
  • Easy to do – Our in-ground trampolines are designed to be easily installed yourself. Our website offers some great videos and tips for installation.