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Playsets in the Summer

By June 13, 2017No Comments

Want your kids to enjoy their playsets in the summer?

The sun seems to really enjoy damaging things in the summer. Vinyl, however, seems to be its kryptonite.

If you have just purchased and assembled a wooden or metal playset in your backyard, we have bad news for you. With time, that wooden or metal playset is going to lose its color, begin to splinter, rust, and/or deteriorate. Leaving you with the decision to either purchase a new one or spend hours fixing it up.

Wooden and metal playsets can be fun but will need a lot of maintenance to keep it up and looking spectacular, especially during summers where wood and metal surfaces become scorching hot and damaged by the sun. Maintaining your playset will take up most of your summer and possibly become a weekly “activity.”

When it comes to purchasing a playset, always choose vinyl. If you choose vinyl, you won’t have to worry about rust, splinters, color loss, hot surfaces or sun damage. The kids will be able to play all summer long and you will get to actually enjoy your summer, without having to worry about maintaining your playset.

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