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Keep the Kids Safe With Vinyl

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Here are a few ways to keep the kids safe with vinyl this summer

When it comes to investing in a playset, it is very important to choose the material that will cause the least amount of injuries.

Back in 1920, scientists wanted to develop a material that would help manufacture everyday products that would be easier to make, be more durable, and cheaper. Therefore, vinyl was invented.

Vinyl is a synthetic man made material made from ethylene and chlorine. Today, it has revolutionized the plastic resin industry and is being used for siding, flooring, gloves, fences, records and so much more, including playsets.

When it comes to investing in a playset, you want to make sure you’re getting a bang for your buck. Not only that, you want to purchase a playset that will last for decades, be fun for the kids and be safe.

Purchasing a wooden or metal playset will result in a lot of crying injured kids because the wood gave them a splinter or the metal burned their little hands. When you choose vinyl as your playset material, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is getting the kids inside in time for dinner. When you purchase a vinyl playset you aren’t only purchasing a playset of never ending fun, but one that….

  • Is resistant to moisture and humidity.
  • Is very strong and durable.
  • Is cool to the touch, even in 120°+ weather.
  • Won’t cause splinters.
  • Is low maintenance.
  • Will last for decades.
  • Has no harmful stains or chemicals.
  • Won’t cut or burn.
  • Doesn’t have anything sharp or dangerous on it.
  • Is recyclable.

And, if you purchase from Ruffhouse Vinyl Play Systems, you can add built-in water cannons, water guns and misters for never ending fun. If you’re in the market for a playset but are hesitant because you want it to be safe, vinyl is the way to go. Contact Ruffhouse Vinyl Play Systems today to get your playset started!

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