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Summer Fun

How to Keep Your Kids Active This Summer (Even in Arizona)

By May 2, 2019No Comments

Help your kids stay active by purchasing an out of this world vinyl playset!

It’s no surprise that kids tend to be naturally active when they’re young, especially when it comes to parks and playgrounds. What may come as a surprise, however, is climbing up a rope ladder or swinging from monkey bar to monkey bar can actually lead kids to a lifetime of being active.  

Although, when kids get older, staying active becomes a challenge. Reason being, high demand of school, feeling they’re not good at sports, a lack of active role models, and the spinning vortex of television, movies, and/or video games that seem to devour most. Kids just start to lose interest in getting outside and staying active. Which is why it is so important for parents/guardians to keep their kids active all year long because benefits of keeping your kids active include stronger muscles and bones, better weight control, decreased risk of diabetes, better sleep, and a better outlook on life.

So, how are you going to keep your older kids active this summer? With Ruffhouse Vinyl Play Systems of course.

With strong durable materials, Ruffhouse Vinyl Play Systems are built for all ages. From slides to swing, monkey bars to water systems, a Ruffhouse Vinyl Playset is bound to keep your kids active all summer long. Yes, including the older ones!

So call now to start creating your vinyl playset today!

Ruffhouse Vinyl Play Systems, Keeping Your Kids Healthy and Active!

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