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Can you ship to my house?

Most likely! We are able to ship all over the United States! Because most of our orders are
custom, the freight charges will differ but we will do whatever we can to make sure the playset is
delivered quickly and carefully. You can find more info here: Shipping and Delivery Info

Do you ship out of the U.S.?

We can, but you will need to contact us directly to make it happen.

Is there an installer in my area?

Probably! Although our playsets are custom and unique, most local installers/handymen have
no problem installing our products. We can provide instructions and phone support for the
handymen in the process if needed. We also can help you find an installer in your area, just
reach out and ask us! (We are not liable for their work however, we just ship em!) We also have
some select install companies that we work with directly in some areas. If you live outside of Utah or Arizona, you can find more info here: Installation Information

Can I assemble these myself?

Yes! They do require a little bit of construction/handyman experience but they are not all that
difficult. We have step by step instructions for a lot of the configurations. If your playset is super
custom, you may need to contact our team for phone support.

How tall are they?

The peak of the roof on the 7ft tower is 14ft high. The peak of the roof on the 5ft tower is 12ft high!