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Create a Playset the Neighborhood Will Actually Love

By teaming up with one of Arizona’s oldest and largest vinyl fence companies we are able to offer you the highest quality vinyl products which have been tested and proved tough enough to last and stay cool during the hottest and most adverse weather conditions.

Ruffhouse Vinyl Play Systems

When I invented the first Ruffhouse Vinyl Playground in my own Arizona backyard I had three main objectives in mind.

Why are our commercial playsets the best?

  • We use a mix of vinyl, and weather treated galvanized steel to create playsets that remain cool to the touch, even during the summers.
  • All of our designs can be customized to match the scope of the project. Including design, shape, and features.
  • We have over 13 years in playset manufacturing experience, with customers all over the world. We have had thousands of the experts (KIDS!) test our playsets with 100% satisfaction.

Over 13 years ago, we simply could not find a playground anywhere to meet our kids' criteria – so we made our own.

Now, with Vinyl Playgrounds, Ruffhouse Vinyl Play Systems LLC is revolutionizing the Arizona Playground industry, and now all over the Nation, in 3 major ways:

We are committed to creating the best play structures for Schools, Neighborhoods, Communities, and more.

Our playsets are designed to stand out and add curb appeal to any community. We can customize the colors of our materials to match any community design, shape, and feel.

We also offer matching vinyl pergolas, awnings, splash pads, and more.

Our materials are made to withstand the harsh conditions of Arizona, without compromising the look.

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