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Coastal Climates

Best Swing Set for Coastal Climates

By June 17, 2022April 28th, 2024No Comments

Have you (or your children) considered adding a playset to your backyard? If you live in a coastal climate, you may be hesitant. You know how brutal the elements can be on anything left outdoors. Salt, heat, wind, rain, and sand work together to strip paint on wood and rust metal.

However, there’s an option you may not have thought about: Vinyl. For a great-looking, long-lasting, low-maintenance, luxury playground that your kids will love – check out the vinyl swing sets from RuffHouse Vinyl Play Systems.

Why Should I Choose a Vinyl Swing Set for a Coastal Climate?

Wood splinters and rots, and has to constantly be sanded and repainted. Metal rusts. Both need ongoing maintenance, especially in challenging environments. With vinyl, you simply have your swing set installed and turn it over to your little ones.

Safety and Comfort

Wood and metal swing sets get hot. Wood in full sunlight can be 30 degrees hotter than the outdoor temperature. Metal surfaces can soar to 50 degrees higher. On the other hand, vinyl does not conduct heat and stays cool even under direct sunlight, and even when the temps hit triple digits.

Vinyl is safer, too. No child ever got a splinter or a burn from a vinyl playground. Unlike wood, vinyl doesn’t have stains and other harsh chemicals to blemish the hands that grasp it.  

**Some vinyl playsets do use metal brackets and have exposed bolts which would be hot points of concern, but Ruffhouse Vinyl Play Systems are engineered with a unique routed construction design and have virtually no exposed bolts or brackets.  Your children will never cut or scrape their legs on exposed metal bolts and brackets because there aren’t any.  They are literally the safest playgrounds on the market. 


Wood can crack, warp, and decay.  Many wood playsets are built with inexpensive lumber and have  1” thick materials that aren’t strong enough for grown-ups.  Most will show cracks, twists, and signs of decay within 1 year, especially in harsh climates. 

On the other hand, RuffHouse vinyl swing sets come with a lifetime warranty. The vinyl encloses heavy gauge galvanized steel inserts and wood inserts. Our unique Route-in technology ensures that all rails, pickets, and side panels are routed into the post and screwed together for extra strength. The playgrounds stand up to rain, sun, and wind season after season.


Manufacturers of wood swing sets recommend that you clean, stain, and seal the equipment every year. In a coastal climate, you may need to do it even more frequently. In addition, you’ll need to check both wooden and metal sets often to ensure all the bolts are tight. You must check the metal for points of rust and touch it up with paint.

Vinyl sets are completely maintenance-free. There’s no sanding, painting, or staining.

Water Systems

With a RuffHouse playset, you can get built-in water cannons that shoot up to 40 feet. There are built-in mist systems that will keep the kids cool in the summer. The added water does not affect the vinyl or the galvanized structural inserts inside. A wooden or metal swing set can’t do that!

How Can I Have a RuffHouse Swing Set in My Yard?

We ship swing sets right to your door anywhere in the United States, coastal or interior. If you’re a handy DIYer, our sets have detailed instructions and an available helpline. If you’d prefer to leave the job to the pros, we can help you find an installer in your location.

Ready to get started? Begin customizing your vinyl swing set today!