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Unlike some swing sets out there—like the metal ones—you cannot use our swing sets to grill your meat this Independence Day. However, our playsets can enhance your 4th of July experience in a plethora of other ways.

RuffHouse Playset Parts Are Made in America

With more and more companies outsourcing their work and importing their materials, we are happy to report that all of the major parts that contribute to the building of our swing sets are made right here in the USA. Like Lee Greenwood, we’re proud to be Americans and are grateful to re-invest in our own economy.

RuffHouse Is a Family Owned Business

Independence Day is not only a country-focused holiday, but it’s also family-focused. RuffHouse is a family-owned business and cares deeply about supporting the American dream and strengthening family ties.      

RuffHouse Playsets Enhance the Backyard BBQ Experience

BBQs, swimming, fireworks…basically all of the traditions associated with Independence Day focus on bringing together family and friends, which is also one of the main goals of RuffHouse playsets. In fact, one of our customers described it perfectly:

“Our playset has been life-changing for our family! Our two teenagers are out there just as much as the little ones, playing all sorts of games with them on it! It has literally brought so much laughter and bonding and happiness to our kids and it’s a miracle for us to watch such interactions take place several times a week and all because of an amazing playground set! My husband and I have even gotten out there a few times to play their games with them and it’s become a weekly Sunday tradition for family time. Basically, we could not be happier with any purchase we’ve ever made. Ever.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Want to make your Independence Day traditions even more All-American than they’ve been in the past? Start designing your custom swing set today with RuffHouse!

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