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Now that you have bought your new home and are settling in, you probably want to find ways to create a fun, safe space for your children to get exercise outside your back door and let their imaginations run free.

What better way to do that than add a playset to your new backyard?

However, if this is your first home or you have never installed a playset before, you might need some ideas to bring your vision to life and joy in your children’s lives. Let’s look at five tips to plan for the playset of your little ones’ dreams.

Determine What Size Playset Will Fit in Your New Backyard

The first thing you need to do when starting to design your backyard playset is to take out your tape measure. If you just bought the property, you might know the overall dimensions of your outdoor space like the back of your hand, but you still need to ensure that you have sufficient space to safely add a swingset, jungle gym or slide area. Experts recommend allowing for 6-feet of space surrounding the entire playset, with a particular focus on providing ample clearance for swings. A general guideline for swings is to make sure your space for swinging is equal to twice the distance from the ground to the swing beam.  So if your swing beam is about 8 feet off the ground, you would want at least 16 feet of swinging distance. 

Keep Your Children and Guests Safe

Once you confirm that you have ample space, it’s critical to do what you can to make sure all who play on it will be as safe as possible.  It is worth investing in a high-quality product such as vinyl which is built to protect your children and any guests they invite to enjoy your home-based playground.

Here are a few reasons vinyl playsets are the best choice:

  • Vinyl maintains an even temperature on the hottest days compared to wood, metal and aluminum sets.
  • Vinyl doesn’t splinter, unlike wood playsets, resulting in splinters in your children’s hands.
  • High-end vinyl playsets don’t have exposed hardware with sharp, pointy parts.
  • Reinforced vinyl is sturdy and will handle multiple children playing in the area at once or even an adult.

Ensure Durability and Longevity of Your Playset

You want your children’s playset to last for at least the span of all your little ones’ childhoods in your new home. With vinyl-built playsets, your children can enjoy years of fun. Additionally, you will love that your vinyl playset will look as good in five-to-ten years as it looks when you bought it. Wood playsets tend to crack and splinter over the years, and if they have a coating of paint, it is likely to fade and crack as well. You want your playset to mature as gracefully as your new home.

Select a Fun Design for Everyone to Enjoy

Whether your children love climbing, swinging to the highest heights or taking a slide, there is a swingset design for your family. You can design a vinyl set that focuses on one or all of these adventurous activities if your little ones have varied interests in letting out some energy and enjoying playtime.

Customize Your New Home’s Playset with Unique Features

If you choose a wooden playset, you are limited in the features you can add.  For example, wood play sets do not offer LED lighting or water features because the water would cause the wood and paint to deteriorate even faster than normal daily wear, tear and element damage. A Ruffhouse vinyl playset gives you the freedom to add built-in misters and water guns that shoot up to 40-feet for fun on the hottest summer days.Adding a new playset to your new backyard is a big decision, but our Ruffhouse Vinyl Play System team can help. Contact us to learn about our wide selection of vinyl playsets to keep your children happy and active and your new home and yard beautiful.