Take A Closer Look

Safety Features

  • No slivers
  • Stays cool to the touch in the sun
  • No harmful stains or chemicals
  • No cuts or burns from exposed metal bolts or brackets
  • Nothing sharp or dangerous
  • Gets hot to the touch in the sun
  • Splits and cracks causing splinters
  • Harmful chemicals from stains and wood treatment
  • Has exposed metal bolts and brackets

Structural Safety

  • Extremely strong and durable with a lifetime warranty
  • Heavy gauge galvanized steel and wood inserts
  • Structural support from multiple layers of material
  • Subject to cracking and decaying from weather and water damage
  • Only supported from wood
  • Not always strong enough for adult play


  • No painting, staining, or sanding needed.
  • No need to replace water or weather damaged parts.
  • Heavy maintenance
  • Lag bolts need to be tightened every few months, and needs sanding at least every six months
  • Cracked wood will need to be replaced from weather damage

Hardware and Structural Engineering

  • Revolutionary Route-in technology allows for All platform rails, side panels, and pickets to be routed into the post and screwed together, providing for extra strength and durability
  • All wood play set companies use metal brackets and/or exposed bolts and screws to hold the play set together

Built-in Water System

  • Choice of built-in cannons and guns shooting up to 40ft.
  • Customizable, built in mist system to add as much mist as you want
  • None


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