About Ruffhouse Vinyl Play Systems

When I invented the first Ruffhouse Vinyl Playground in my own Arizona backyard I had three main objectives in mind.

  1. I wanted a play set that was safe for my one and two year old toddlers so that my wife and I could let them go outside without having to worry about them. I wanted something they could play on in the summer – something that wouldn’t burn or cut their hands. Having a custom Swing Set that can be played on all summer is a big deal with as hot as it gets.
  2. I wanted a play set that was different and more fun than the average wood set I found online. I wanted my nieces and nephews and neighbors to all enjoy coming over and playing outside on something they weren’t used to.
  3. I wanted an AZ playground that I wouldn’t have to worry about – ever. Like you, I don’t have time to paint, or stain, or tighten bolts, or worry about things rotting, warping, or rusting. I didn’t want to waste my money on some “cheap” play set that you can buy at the big warehouse stores – only to have to buy another one in a year. I wanted something that would last.

I simply could not find a playground anywhere to meet my criteria – so I made my own.

Now, with Vinyl Playgrounds, Ruffhouse Vinyl Play Systems LLC is revolutionizing the Arizona Playground industry, and now all over the Nation, in 3 major ways:

  1. We are significantly lowering the risk of injury to your child by engineering play sets with no slivers, hot surfaces, exposed nuts, screws, bolts, or other sharp edges.
  2. We are adding more fun with built-in water features such as water guns, sprinklers and mister, along with innovative slide and ladder options.
  3. We are adding more value for your dollar by using materials and a design that will last far longer than other wood or metal play sets, and require virtually NO MAINTANENCE.

By teaming up with one of Arizona’s oldest and largest vinyl fence companies (Homestead Vinyl Products) we are able to offer you the highest quality vinyl products which have been tested and proved tough enough to last and stay cool during the hottest and most adverse weather conditions.

In addition to revolutionary safety, fun and value, Ruffhouse Vinyl Play Systems LLC is dedicated to providing the best and most professional customer service in the business.



Tyler Ray
President and Founder
Ruffhouse Vinyl Play Systems, LLC